Kids and cameras: talking with students at “the kNOw”

“It’s grabbing everybody,” says Marcus Vega, a participant in the kNOw’s photography class in Fresno with artist Joseph Smooke. “Like when I come here, I get to escape from my daily life. It just cancels out everything. It’s like a whole new environment.”

Nathan DaltonKids and cameras: talking with students at “the kNOw”

Permission to care: volunteering in Guatemala

Activist Award Director Kathleen Hennessy travels to Guatemala as a volunteer photographer and meets Claudia Jona, an 11-year-old Mayan girl. “Being journalists, we are trained not to get too close, to be objective. How can you be objective when it comes to a suffering child? But, here, I am not working as a journalist. I am a volunteer. I have permission to care. I have permission to give.”

Nathan DaltonPermission to care: volunteering in Guatemala

Distribution–who’s responsible?

Is distribution the responsibility of the photographer? Traditionally, the answer to that has been “no,” but with media changing, the role of the photographer is changing too.

Nathan DaltonDistribution–who’s responsible?

I heart David Simon

I have learned more about my country, and the major social issues people are facing in it, from a “fictional” television show than I have from mainstream news media in the last couple of years. And that’s because I watched the Wire. I am a proselytizer for the Wire. And I think that’s because I appreciate the fact that it …

Nathan DaltonI heart David Simon

Crisis photography: the conversation

Last week I wrote about war photography, and cited an interesting essay written by Hans Durrer called Photographic Collaboration, published in the journal Soundscapes. With his permission, I am reposting a large portion of his essay here. He writes: “In times when (some) photographers hold celebrity status, it is useful to be reminded that a good photograph does not solely …

Nathan DaltonCrisis photography: the conversation

PhotoPhilanthropy in the Field: notes from King’s Hospital, Haiti

PhotoPhilanthropy founder Nancy Farese has been in Haiti this week, documenting the work of NGO’s providing social services and disaster relief. Her first bulletin described the spontaneous settlements all around the capital. Here, Liz Hale describes their visit to King’s Hospital, with photos by Liz Hale and Nancy Farese. We traveled on a very rough and rocky dirt road, passing …

Nathan DaltonPhotoPhilanthropy in the Field: notes from King’s Hospital, Haiti