The Women’s Foundation

By Amy Conry for The Women's Foundation of Nepal

During a recent trip to Nepal, I was introduced to The Women’s Foundation and the amazing efforts they are putting forth for the women and children of their country. I have worked with several non-profits over the years but I chose to represent this one for two main reasons:

First, they are a very small group of extremely dedicated people who are trying to bring changes for thousands, so as a photojournalist I want to bring exposure to their worthwhile mission. They work tirelessly on a daily basis but they continue to need awareness, funding, volunteers and advocacy to see the fruits of their labor become reality.

Secondly, meeting some of the Nepali women in need and hearing their stories struck a chord with me on a personal level. As a woman who is able to live freely and follow my dreams, to see these others who did not even have access to basic human rights, let alone education or careers, was an eye-opening experience.

The impressions I gleaned from documenting The Women’s Foundation were that they stand behind their words with actions. They are producing tangible, visible results and delivering upon their promises to the people they have pledged to help. A few of the myriad of programs they offer are: a woman’s shelter to take in neglected and battered women and their children; a weaving production center and store to teach women small business skills; and a daycare/school for the children of women with no other family to care for their children. In addition, and perhaps most importantly of all, they are reaching out to the lawmakers and government officials of Nepal to change laws and amend the country’s constitution.


Photographer: Amy Conry / amateur

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Award Year: 2009

Non Profit: The Women's Foundation of Nepal

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