The FROG Center

By Merari Teruel for The Frog Center

The FROG Center in Mitchell’s Plain in Cape Town, South Africa is made up of a building and a group of volunteers that provide a safe, nurturing environment for the children of this low-income neighborhood. Established by Pastor John Pascoe, the FROG Center, which is an acronym for Fully Rely On God, is a non-profit whose ultimate goal is to reach the residents of Mitchell’s Plain and offer them a positive alternative to the common neighborhood afflictions of narcotics, child abuse, teen pregnancy and low school attendance.

The Center currently provides a daycare, Internet services, weekly youth groups and Bible studies as well as after-school activities. It is also made available to the community for wedding and funeral ceremonies. The FROG Center is the one place where the children of Mitchell’s Plain can congregate without fear of harassment or danger. For some, it is the one place where they can get something to eat, or someone who will listen to their troubles.

The FROG Center and its volunteers bring hope to many residents of Mitchell’s Plain, something that is difficult to come by in their circumstances. It offers the most vulnerable of the community the opportunity to experience the positive of the world, and the chance for a better future.


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