In Search of a Roof

By Rahul Kumar for IGSSS

My photo-essay, “In Search of a Roof,” was done in collaboration with the Delhi-based Indo Global Social Service Society (IGSSS). The shots have been taken exclusively at night, therefore are dark and hazy. The employees of the IGSSS go for night-outs after their duty is over, to meet the homeless people, speak to them about their problems and monitor the functioning of the night shelters. I accompanied the IGSSS on three night-outs but have included photographs from two.

I chose the IGSSS because they enthusiastically responded to my call to NGOs for doing shoots on environment and development issues. IGSSS works across India on issues of sustainable livelihoods, governance, human rights, health and disaster relief and rehabilitation. They also run campaigns on the issues of urban homelessness. My photography on all such issues means that I keep scouting for different avenues to showcase my photos and highlight people’s issues. IGSSS has been benefited from my work with them as I have highlighted the issue of the homeless people on various websites including Facebook, Flickr and my blog: As a photographer, I sometimes organise photo shoots and these include areas where we run into people who live on the margins of the society.


Photographer: Rahul Kumar / amateur

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Award Year: 2010

Non Profit: IGSSS

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