Gateway Mercy Ministries

By Whitney Curtis for Promise International

Gateway Mercy Ministries (GMM), one of four facilities in Uganda funded by the US-based non-profit Promise International, provides education, food, housing and life-skills training to children in Natete, one of the most impoverished areas of Kampala, Uganda.

One of the consequences of long-term institutional care is social exclusion once the children become adults and leave the facility. The likelihood of homelessness, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and violent behavior is much higher for adults who have been raised in orphanages. This is a significant concern with over 2.5 million orphaned children in Uganda, almost half of them due to the AIDS crisis.

In addition to providing a loving home and basic necessities for over 80 children, GMM and Promise International aim to prepare the children with the training that will help them become productive members of society as they transition into adulthood.

Sisters Sylivia and Rebecca Nakabuye lead the children’s home with assistance from other family members and local staff. The devotion the Nakabuye family members have for the children was truly inspiring. The children are resourceful and committed to their education.

The images I made during my time at GMM have been used in Promise International’s website, grant proposals, social networking, and a variety of other documents used to raise awareness and funding.


Photographer: Whitney Curtis / professional

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Award Year: 2011

Non Profit: Promise International

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