Farm Haiti; Bee Keeping with Kenyan Top Bar Hive

By Kevin B. Jones for Farm Haiti

Farm Haiti is a 501(c)3 organization established to support rural farmers located in the mountain regions of Haiti. This organization enables farmers to feed their families, earn money to send their children to school, and afford the basic needs of life-all dependent on the success of their food harvests. The Farm Haiti organization provides education and training in modern farming methods and concepts.

I am a photographer and bee keeper who lives in the Bay area of California. My connection to Farm Haiti Now was made through a Haitian translator on another project I worked on after the 2010 earthquake. This photo essay is from a collection of images I took from a Kenyan Top Bar Hive Bee Keeping program I developed for Farm Haiti Now in 2011.

Bee keepers in the rural areas of Haiti do not use traditional bee hives. They manage bee colonies that are found in the hollow areas of palm trees. My Kenyan Top Bar Hive class introduced a low cost method which will enable the rural bee keepers to increase their honey yields, while reducing the physical labor needed to manage bee colonies located in tree trunks.


Photographer: Kevin B. Jones / amateur

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Award Year: 2011

Non Profit: Farm Haiti

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