Building a Healthier Food Future

By Karen Preuss for Ag Innovations Network

The work of the Ag Innovations Network (AIN) is unique. AIN brings people together who care deeply about our food and the systems used to grow, distribute, process, and consume it. By facilitating crucial conversations among food producers, consumers, environmentalists, and representatives of labor, public health, and local economic development, the organization is building vibrant regional food systems in California and beyond.

For many years I have been passionate about local food, farming and the farmers who produce our luscious fruits and vegetables, while also bettering the ecosystem so that the soil will continue to be productive without the excessive use of petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides.

I chose to collaborate with AIN because of their effectiveness in bringing diverse groups together and successfully creating rapid and positive change in the food system. This was evident to me at a Food Forum held last February, during which 300 community members jointly developed recommendations for a healthier food system in Sonoma County. I documented the event, providing a much-needed visual record of the day. In addition, poster-sized prints of my past agricultural photos decorated the walls of the cavernous room, helping to create a warm atmosphere and provide a context for the discussions. It is my strong belief that visual images help to make abstract discussions more tangible, and this is one of my goals as a photographer.


Photographer: Karen Preuss / professional

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Award Year: 2011

Non Profit: Ag Innovations Network

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