Born Free – Children and HIV in Uganda

By Giacomo Frigerio for AVSI

AVSI’s mission is to support human development in developing countries according to the social teaching of the Catholic Church. Any person and any community represent a resource, regardless of their vulnerability. AVSI work helps people in becoming aware of their own value and dignity.
During a trip in Uganda in 2005, I was amazed by AVSI work in North Uganda, where, beside the civil war, AVSI launched the PMTCT programme, to fight HIV/AIDS cutting the vertical transmission, the second leading mode of transmission of the virus.

Born Free, telling the stories of mothers and children benefiting from this program, has been used by AVSI for the development of the campaign FREE. The portrait I developed has helped the non profit and the larger community to raise awareness on the enormous benefits and feasibility of the PMTCT program, implemented by local professionals, showing that in a war-torn area, it is possible to have an HIV-free generation.

I was impacted by the resilience of the Northern Uganda population and the way they stand in front of many difficulties with dignity, courage and hope, teaching a great lesson to me and to the whole world.


Photographer: Giacomo Frigerio / amateur

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Award Year: 2012

Non Profit: AVSI

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