I’m having problems accessing the submissions page?
Try using Firefox or Internet Explorer as your browser. The form should work with all browsers but sometimes these two seem to work best.

I’ve just graduated – what category should I enter in?
The Student category is open to current students and those who graduated in 2012-2013. If you do not fit in this category, then you can enter in either the Amateur or Professional category.

You say that photos must have been taken in the last three years. Does that include images from 2010?
Yes, we consider the past three years to be the three years prior to the contest year. The 2013 competition includes images from 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

I started my project 5 years ago and just finished it this year. Can I still enter the essay?
Yes you may. As long as your essay was an ongoing project completed in the last three years, then you are eligible.

My nonprofit contact is no longer at the organization and I don’t have their new email address – what can I do?
You will have to contact someone else at the organization who can verify your collaboration with their organization. We cannot accept an essay without this verification.

I took my photos while on a workshop and I am not sure of the email address of the local person we worked with. What can I do?
You should contact the workshop coordinator and ask them for the nonprofit’s contact name and email address.

I have several essays about the same organization – can I submit more than one?
If your work clearly shows different activities of the organization or work of the organization in two distinct locations, then yes you may. You may submit up to two essays to the Activisit Award per year. As an example, see 2009 Amateur Winner Dmitry Markov’s essays on behalf of Rostok - essay 1 and essay 2.

The organization I documented is not a registered charity or nonprofit. Can I still show their work?
It is required that your organization be a registered 501(c)3 or have the equivalent nonprofit charity designation in the country in which they operate. Your essay may also depict organizations without this designation who are operating under the auspices of another nonprofit that accepts donations on their behalf (i.e. acting as a fiscal agent for your organization). If you are still unsure, please contact us at [email protected].

I worked on my project with some other photographers. Can we enter as a group?
No, the Professional, Amateur, and Student Activist Awards are given to individuals.

Will the work be judged on photographic merit or the impact that doing it has had on the community?
Both. The work will be judged by the other entrants who understand the complexities of creating and sustaining these kinds of projects. Your essay describing the project will be an important component, as will the photographs you submit.

Should the photographs be made by the participants or made by the teacher illustrating the program?
The photographs should be made by the participants in the program, not by the teacher/facilitator.

My captions are too long and keep getting rejected. I need long captions to tell about my images.
You may add some of the information from your captions into your written essay. Your captions must meet the 150 character maximum length or they will be rejected. Caption information included in the metadata will not be accepted.

I don’t have my own website. Does this matter?
No, just leave that line blank.

What will PhotoPhilanthropy use my images for?
Essays accepted into the competition will be posted on the PhotoPhilanthropy website. Entry constitutes permission for PhotoPhilanthropy to copy, publish and display all submitted materials in print or electronic form without compensation by PhotoPhilanthropy, for use in promoting PhotoPhilanthropy, the Activist Awards and the advancement of the goals and mission of PhotoPhilanthropy. The PhotoPhilanthropy credit, along with the photographer’s credit and the name of the featured nonprofit will always appear if the image is reused for these purposes. No images will be redistributed or sold to third parties for re-use. Any inquiries for re-use will be redirected to the photographer.

If we have not answered your questions, please email [email protected].