2012 Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2012 Activist Award Winners & Finalists! PhotoPhilanthropy recognizes outstanding projects by photographers working in collaboration with nonprofit organizations. Awards are given in three categories: Professional, Student, and Amateur. Many thanks to our esteemed judges.

The winning photographers and nonprofit organizations are:

Professional Grand Prize Winner - $15,000

Liz Hingley on behalf of Save the Children

The Jones Family - The Jones Family – two parents and seven children – are living in their first house on a council estate in West Midlands, UK, after residing in caravans for three generations. This was the first time Save the Children was able to use real stories to communicate the meaning and experience of genuine deprivation in a wealthy country.


Professional Finalist -

Gwenn Dubourthoumieuon behalf of The Carter Center

Copper Eaters - In the Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, proven copper reserves and granted mining titles are counted in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Yet the average revenue for the DRC is negligible when compared to the million dollar profits mining companies generate.


Professional Finalist -

Sara Anjargolian on behalf  of Tufenkian Foundation:

How We Live documents the face of poverty in Armenia as told through the personal stories of families living along the margins of society – people living off garbage dumps, children battling malnutrition, alcoholism and domestic violence becoming commonplace, and tin shacks serving as homes.



Amateur Grand Prize Winner – $2000

Natasha Kharlamova on behalf of Our Sunny World:

Our Sunny World - is about Maxim, a 14-year-old who has a severe form of cerebral paralysis, and about his connection with people around him as he is supported by Our Sunny World, a rehabilitation center for disabled children in Russia.


Amateur Finalist -

Agnieszka Napierala on behalf of Ivoirian Centre for the Dignity of Children and Women (CIDEF):

Broken Pots is the story of women of different ages, taken from their households in Cote d’Ivoire, and forced to undergo female circumcision. In Cote d’Ivoire, 30% of women are mutilated. Although FGM has been legally abolished for almost 15 years now and relatively diminished, it is still quite largely practiced. These are the portraits and testimonies of women of different ages, taken from their households.


Amateur Finalist -

Matthew Willingham on behalf of Preemptive Love Coalition

Cuts That Heal depicts an Iraq-wide effort to eradicate a backlog of untold thousands of children waiting in line for lifesaving heart surgery.





Student Grand Prize Winner – $2,000

Kai Löffelbein on behalf of Society for Community Organization:


Hidden Hong Kong - With a population of more than seven million, Hong Kong is one of the planet’s most densely packed metropolitan areas. Unscrupulous landlords charge around US$200 a month for a cage, which is packed 20 to a room. On behalf of Society for Community Organization.


Student Finalist -

Dijana Muminovic on behalf of The Missing Person Institute:

Beneath My Land is a story about Lake Perucac, which was flooded before survivors were able to exhume the bodies of their loved ones killed and thrown in the lake during the Serbian aggression on Bosnia.



Student Finalist -

Kevin Cook on behalf of Humanity for Children:

Here, Instead of With God is a photo story of street boys and men who live in Kachok, a waste dumping site in Kisumu, Eastern Kenya. On behalf of Humanity for Children.